Nearby activities

Čunovské jazero a okolie

Nearby activities

Ponteo Activity Park is located in the borough of Bratislava, Rusovce, at the Austrian-Slovak-Hungarian border, only 15 minutes from the city centre of Bratislava by car.

Ponteo Activity Park lies in the heart of the natural reserve Ostrovné lúčky and CHKO Dunajské luhy and thanks to interesting natural sights, Rusovecké jazero and Rusovecké rameno, Rusovce is a popular recreational area. In 1990, Rusovce was declared a historic area.

Cykloturistika a okolie Pontea


The surrounding area of hotel Ponteo is a favoured place for the fans of cycling. From hotel Ponteo, zou can join the cycling trails heading all the way to the city centre of Bratislava or to neighbouring countries Austria and Hungary that are known for their well-kept network of cycling trails.
More about cycling trails in Bratislava and around Rusovce

Ponteo Run a okolie


Running fans can run out of the hotel Ponteo directly into the surrounding nature and get some exercise while appreciating the beauty of the natural reserve Ostrovné lúčky and CHKO Dunajské luhy or joining the Dunajská hrádza.

Try the  running trails in the area around hotel Ponteo.

In-line korćuľovanie a oolie Pontea


Hotel Ponteo is situated only few minutes from the popular Dunajská hrádza beloved by all of those who enjoy roller-blading, running or cycling.

Rusovský lesopar

Rusovce Park

In the nearby area of hotel Ponteo you are able to find a large Rusovce park spreading from around Rusovské mŕtve rameno to Rusovce Manor and its gardens.

Park is ideal not only for active or amateur runners but also for those who like to enjoy a walk in the wonderful nature.

Malé Čunovské jazero a okolie Pontea


Čunovo lake  and Rusovce lake are considered to be the most beautiful lakes in Bratislava and the surrounding area. They are a part of the Ostrovné lúčky (Island Meadows) natural reserve and also the PLA Dunajské luhy (Danube Floodplains). A tourist path goes along the lakes, which you can comfortably walk from Čunovo up to Rusovce and admire the beauty of this precious natural site.

Termálne kúpele

Thermal Spa

Thermal Spa Complex in Mosonmagyaróvár is a popular destination for tourists not only from Slovakia. The thermal water is considered one of the 5 streams with the most effective healing properties in Europe because of its high quality. Its healing effects can be appreciated by those with disorders of their movement abilities, chronic pulmonary diseases or diseases of the digestive tract.

Divoká voda Čunovo

Area Divoká voda

Just a few miles from Rusovce, in   Area of Divoká Voda (Wild Water ) , Čunovo  , you can enjoy a lot of adrenaline fun while rafting, surfing, riding a quadricycle, paintball, and many other activities.

Action park Čunovo

Action Park Čunovo

Action Park Čunovo  is non-traditional outdoor and sports activities are waiting for you in the nearby Čunovo Action Park. Rope center, giant swing, paintball, archery, playgrounds and other attractions are a guarantee of a great active relaxation.



 Märchenpark is the largest entertainment park in Austria and is a destination for many family trips. It is most seeked by families with children though adults can be easily entertained here too.

Rusovský kaštieľ, okolie Pontea

Rusovce Manor House

The Rusovce  manor house belongs among the most important historical landmarks of Rusovce. Rusovce manor house attained its contemporary appearance during the rule of Count Emanuel Zichy-Ferraris. It is built in a neo-gothic style, and its surroundings are formed by an interesting English garden.
Report on the Rusovce manor house.

Gerulata, okolie Pontea


Gerulata  was a Roman military camp built in the 2nd century and formed a part of the Roman province of Pannonia. Nowadays, the remains of the camp are renovated, the complex used as a museum of the findings from Slovakia and the Roman Empire.

Danubiana, okolie Pontea


Danubian is one of the newest European museums of modern art, Danubiana, Meulensteen Art Museum, can be found less than 5 km to the South of the Ponteo Activity Park. On the ground floor, there is a gallery of purchasable contemporary art, the Large Hall on the upper floor dedicated to the presentation of the works of international artists.


City of Bratislava

Bratislava is the most visited tourist destination in Slovakia. In addition to historical sites, museums or theaters, you can also enjoy a cruise on the Danube River to historic Devín or the peninsula of arts, a trip by cable car to the panoramic restaurant, jump from the bridge on the rope or play in an antinuclear bunker. Bratislava is history, architecture, culture, art, traditions, food, drinks, shopping, adrenaline and nightlife, too.



Metropolis Vienna is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all around the world.

It has a rich selection of cultural events often including world-known artists, beautiful architecture and Vienna’s peaceful atmosphere that can be enjoyed in one of the many cafes while tasting a piece of the famous Sachertorte.