Sauna and hot tub

Sauna and hot tub

Forget about your worries and relax

Do you want to find the harmony of body and soul, rest and please your body doing so without any physical effort?

We recommend you to enjoy relaxing in the sauna world of Ponteo. The beneficial effects of Finnish, steam or infrared saunas with a subsequent dip in the icy water, which are real healthy vascular gymnastics and a feeling of rebirth. As a bonus, you will surely not miss caressing your body with burbling water streams in our luxurious whirlpool on the open terrace with a unique view of the surrounding area.



Everyone gets what they want in our saunas. Do you prefer the overheating of the body in the dry Finnish sauna, or the beneficial effects of the steam sauna that will relax the body and respiratory system? The curative radiation of the infrasauna is definitely worth trying. A bath in the cooling pool supports the true effects of sauna.

Relaxation room

Rest after or between stays in our saunas, peace, relaxation, meditation, romantic … Ergonomically designed comfortable deskchairs, natural design of the premises, an intimate atmosphere in the light of burning candles … You deserve such a relaxation after all. Treat yourself in Ponteo.

Hot tub

Soothing body massage with water streams during a pleasant conversation with your partner or friends. With the view of the sunset over the flat plains in the Danube region… Romantic, which you can have in our luxurious hot tub on the open terrace.