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Let yourself be pampered and spoiled!

Whether you have a specific medical problem, you feel the effects of stress, cannot relax or you just want to rest after a busy day – Ponteo is the best place for the body and soul to relax. Enjoy a massage from our skilled qualified masseurs with physiotherapeutical education. Treat yourself to relaxation, gain new energy and let your body’s own healing process reboot.

klasicka masaz

Classical massage

20 min./22 EUR
30 min./27 EUR
60 min./43 EUR
9+1x 60 min. /387 EUR
9+1x 30 min./243 EUR

manualna lymfodrenaz

Manual lymphatic drainage

60 min./47 EUR
90 min./52 EUR

reflexna masaz chodidiel

Reflex foot massage


30 min./34 EUR

masaz tvare

Facial massage

30 min./27 EUR