Culinary calender

Culinary calendar

Our Culinary calendar for April takes into account the seasonality and the natural life cycle of the particular ingredients, and therefore, the dishes alter regularly.

The current special offer depends on the inspiration of our chefs, therefore a combination of their creative muse, and of the highest quality and freshness of the food, so that it takes the shortest route to your table.

Spinach cream soup with bear garlic and poached egg

0,25 l | 4,50 EUR

Salmon roll with horseradish créme fraiche and marinated cauliflower roses

100 g | 7,50 EUR

Rabbit thigh on garlic and rosemary with carrot puree and young peas

200 g | 150 g | 17,50 EUR

Lamb chops in herb crust with roasted potatoes, spinach and cherry tomatoes

200 g | 150 g | 18,55 EUR

Pork tenderloin with asparagus risotto

150 g | 200 g | 12,50 EUR

Carrot pie with nuts

200 g | 3,50 EUR