Outdoor playgrounds

Outdoor playgrounds

We have two multifunction courts with special cushioned surface suitable for tennis, small football, netball, basketball and handball, and beach volleyball court for all athletes from spring to autumn. There is a popular playground for petanque next to the outdoor terrace.






Two multifunctional playgrounds with artificial special cushioned surface are ideal for TENNIS, small FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HANDBALL or NETBALL, and they are available to all active and recreational athletes every day until the evening hours.


Beach volleyball

There is a beach volleyball playground for all fans of beach volleyball from spring to autumn. This sport, which knows no age restrictions, is very gentle on the joints and tendons, whereas all of the impacts and shocks are shock-absorbed by sand.



Come and sit on the terrace of our restaurant and make a day with an interesting game of PETANQUE. The principle of this popular French game is very simple, but perfect mastery of techniques and tactics, in particular, requires regular training.