Accommodation Order


Accommodation Order of the hotel Ponteo Activity Park Rusovce

  1. Only Guest who have checked in can be accommodated. The Guest will produce immediately after their arrival either  their identification card, passport or another valid document of identification to the appropriate employee of the Hotel. Upon arrival the Hotel will provide the Guest with an accommodation card with the name of the Hotel, name of the Guest, room No., the duration of accommodation and the checkout time in the last day of accommodation.
  2. When returning to the Hotel Guests are obliged to prove their identity by the valid hotel card if requested.
  3. The Hotel may in exceptional cases offer the Guest accommodation other than the one already agreed, if it does not principally differ from the confirmed order.
  4. On the basis of the ordered accommodation the Hotel is obliged to accommodate the Guest not later than 6 p. m. The Hotel will reserve the Guest’s room until that time unless otherwise stated in the order.
  5. If the Guest asks for prolongation of the accommodation, the Hotel may offer an alternative room from the one which they were originally accommodated in.
  6. The Hotel is responsible for the duration of the stay for the safety of belongings and effects brought to the Hotel by the Guest as well as for the any damage caused to the belongings and effects if kept at the place assigned for that purpose. The Hotel is only responsible for money and valuables if accepted into its depository (on the basis of confirmation)
  7. Guests may receive visits upon the consent of the appropriate hotel employee only and then only upon the submission of an identification document by the visitor and in the hours between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.
  8. The Guest will use the room in the terms agreed with the Hotel. If the terms of accommodation have not been agreed in advance the Guest will checkout and vacate the room not later than at midday on the last day of accommodation. If the Guest does not do that in the assigned term, the Hotel can charge them another day.
  9. Guests that will be accommodated before 6 a. m. will pay for the whole previous night.
  10. Neither in the room nor inthe social premises of the Hotel may Guests move any furniture nor perform changes or interferences which may affect electrical mains or other installations.
  11. In the hotel and especially in the room the Guests are not allowed to use their own electrical appliances. This order does not refer to the electric appliances serving Guests for personal hygiene (razor, massage machine, hairdryer and so on).
  12. Before leaving the Guest is obliged to close the water taps in the room, to switch off the light both in the room and the fixtures, to lock the door and to give the key in the appropriate place (reception, doorman’s lodge).
  13. For safety reasons it is not allowed to leave children younger than 10-years alone without adult supervision neither in the room nor in other social premises of the Hotel.
  14. Dogs and other pets can only be accommodated in the hotel if accompanied by an adult. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the hotel room or other areas of the hotel unaccompanied by an adult.
  15. Smoking is allowed in assigned places. Other premises are no smoking areas.
  16. Between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. Guests are obliged to keep noise to a minimum during these hours.
  17. Guests are responsible for any damages caused to Hotel property according to the provisions of the Civil Code.
  1. For accommodation and provided services Guests are obliged to pay according to the valid price list at the end of the accommodation or at the end of the first week then each week thereafter if the stay exceeds one week.
  2. The list of prices for temporary accommodation as well as adjacent services can be seen in the Hotel reception.
  3. Complaints or suggestions should be submitted to the Hotel Management.
  4. The Guest is obliged to keep all provisions of the Accommodation Order, if they break it, the Hotel Management have the right to break the contract providing the accommodation service before expiration of the agreed term.

The Accommodation Order becomes valid on  1.1. 2021

Claims Order

 Article 1

Fundamental provisions

Services provided follow the provisions of part VIII of the Civil Code No. 40/1964 Col!. as amended, as well as regulations issued to implement It

Article 2

The right of the customer to claim

In the case when any customer of the HOTEL CAPITAL  **** is provided with services of lower quality or in lesser amount than advertised  or agreed in advance, the customer has the right to claim.

 Article 3

Making a claim

If any customer finds out reasons and facts that can be a subject of a claim they are obliged to make a relevant claim immediately without any delay to the manager of the Hotel Department or another employee of that department where the service has been provided. In order to undertake a claim promptly the customer should produce the documents on provided service (copy of the order, invoice etc.) if they have such documents. The customer making a claim should submit also any item relevant to the argument if the character of the claimed service requires it The Hotel Manager or another responsible employee willote the claim of the customer into the Claim Protocol together with the objective circumstances of the claim. The Manager of the Hotel Department or an employee charged by them is obliged after careful reviewing to decide about undertaking the claim either immediately or within 3 days in more complicated cases.

 Article 4

Removable defects

  1. Catering services

In the branch of the catering services when the right qualify. weight temperature, measure and price were not correct the customer has the right to ask for a free, proper and timely correction. The customer should make the claim tor the reason of quality and temperature before first tasting the food or drink.

  1. Accommodation services

In the branch of the accommodation services the customer has the right to ask for free, proper and timely corrective action, that is replacing or completing of the facilities, according to the Regulation of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak, Republic No 419/2001 of the Code of Laws.

Article 5

Non removabledefects

  1. Catering services

In case when it is impossible to rectify any defect in food or drink, the customer has the right for a complete replacement of the food or drink or a full refund of the paid price.

  1. Accommodation services

In the case when it is impossible to rectify defects of a technical nature in the Hotel room (failure in the heating system, inconsistent  supply of hot water etc) and the Hotel is not able to provide the customer with another similar accommodation and in spite of the defects the room will be rented to the customer then the customer has the right:

*to get due discount from the price according to the valid price list

*to cancel the agreement before staying the right and obtain a full refund.

In  case when, due to unilateral decision of the management the material change in accommodation will take place in comparison with the agreed accommodation and the customer does not agree with the alternative accommodation, the customer has also the right to cancel the agreement before staying the night and to claim a full refund.

Article 6

Terms of making a claim

The customer is obliged to make a claim immediately, without any delay.  The right to claim will lapse if it is not exercised within 15 days following the day of the perceived claim.

Article 7

Participation of the customer in undertaking a claim

The customer is obliged to take part in person in undertaking the claim connected with the service provided. Where it is needed the customer must enable any Hotel employee to enter the room rented to them for a temporary accommodation to make sure of a just claim

Article 8

Final provisions: The Claims Order becomes valid on 1.1.2016

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